If you want to make a career in construction industry (whether design, consultancy, contractor) it is always better to start the journey from the construction site. It provides you the flavour of creating an imagination into reality which is going to last for decades, people will be using it without any doubt of failure.

Starting from a construction site will give you the exposure of structures loading, moment and shear force. You can also have various opportunity to add value engineering to the available design, alternate methodology to execute the job.


You can analyse the costs incurred, duration required, resources required to complete a particular task. If working in a mega project you will also get exposure to heavy equipment, machinery and utilities.

Also you will have the opportunity to gel with various kinds of people varying from a small labor, security man to great designers, engineers, media persons, other government officials, politicians, etc.

After working for 2 to 3 years on site then you can decide in which sector you want to specialise like, design, tendering, planning, procurement, logistics, etc.

So what ever you decide, you are going to have a wonderful and an exciting journey ahead. Best of Luck

Image by Saad Salim


Only a stones throw away from Snowdonia. Abersoch is home to one of the most popular beaches in Wales. Its idyllic beach on the the llynpeninsula is perfect for lounging on the beautiful golden sand. 

The internationally recognised waters provide a first class water sports venue right on your doorstep making it excellent for wind surfing. Abersochs stunning sandy beaches and naturally sheltered bay provide the perfect environment for water lover. The Area also boasts beautiful wind flowers throughout the year and is home to many delightful species of birds and wildlife who have made Absersoch their home. 




An exciting new project expected to be ready for Summer 2022. A project which will be located in the heart of Preston.


Providence Gate will bring together people from all walks of life and create a diverse atmosphere filled with excitement, creativity and community spirit. 

This new development will allow new aspiring businesses to set up shop and attract a new wave of young people looking to socialise, purchase goods and grab some food. 

Coming soon 2022.



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